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Accelerate your organisation’s success – executive, leadership & team coaching & training for organisations

For Organisations

Talent development and executive leadership coaching will massively boost your organisation’s performance, helping you reach your goals faster than ever.

I work with organisations, teams and leaders to improve employee retention & revenue growth by allowing employees to build thriving career paths inside the organisation and increase their performance and visibility. I also help newly-promoted managers ‘step into’ their roles as leaders and develop the confidence and resilience they need to love their work and lead the organisation to success.

I typically help organisations that are evolving and growing rapidly but have an appetite for developing their motivated teams & leaders for the future.

If you are ready to develop your executives & team leaders to the next level, get in touch today to see how I can help.

For Individuals

Career reinvention coaching with me will propel you towards the career of your dreams faster and with greater certainty than if you attempt to do everything on your own. Not only have I travelled down this path myself, but I have also coached many people to successfully do the same.

So if you find yourself stuck in a career you don’t enjoy anymore, a job that frustrates you, and doesn’t represent who you truly are, then I’m here to help. I can show you how to bring about lasting positive change in your life and career so that you live fully and authentically.

We start by identifying what success looks like to you, and what you need to do to get there. I apply tried, tested and transformation methods, with proven track records of success, to give you a fresh perspective on how to achieve your goals and overcome even the most challenging situations in your life. My help always remains confidential, impartial, non-judgmental and in your best interests at all times.

My goal as your coach is to help you be your best, release and harness your potential and live a meaningful and fulfilling life on your terms – no one else’s! So, are you ready to live up to your highest potential and do the things that most people only dream about? Then start working with me to regroup, reboot and reinvent your career, build your resilience, creating a winning mindset, find out the special ingredients that make you ‘you’ – and discover what you love to do!

About Me

What got me into coaching? Well how about if I tell you how much it doesn’t feel like a J.O.B but just what I love to do?

I was born at a time of tremendous economic and social unrest. My childhood was marked by bleak economic prospects, a broken social fabric and dire opportunities for even the most capable of people. My parents worked their fingers to the bone, made worse by my father’s illness, to provide for all of us. There was a lot of tension at home as parents did everything they could, worked all the hours they could to give me, and my siblings the opportunities in life they never had.

This experience made me realise that I had to grab life with both hands, to honour my parents’ sacrifices and struggles, and my successes and progresses were up to me – there is no free lunch.

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Navigating lonely leadership leaps

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Sarah was also recently nominated for a National Diversity Award and a British Small Business Award.

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