What does your glovebox say about you?

People spend an enormous amount of time in their cars throughout their lifetime, but what are their glove-box travel necessities? We were curious, so we got 10 photographers to photograph their car and the contents of their glove-compartment. Are there similarities or differences across the globe? GoCompare went off to investigate here, and here are my thoughts below.

In the interests of full disclosure here’s what’s in mine!

Given I drive a big old Chevrolet with lots of bells and whistles and lights that seem to come on when they feel like it – I keep that very close to me in the glovebox.  That’s because I know I am notorious at not reading instructions and fumbling around so I have consciously made that choice to keep the instructions to hand!

I also have baby wipes because as an avid coffee drinker whilst travelling – I tend to spill it!!

I also have a few CDS that I like to listen to – one is Mindset by Carol Dweck – which I dip in and out of for my own peace of mind, and to pick up tools and tips for my clients. I also have one called ‘Crucial Conversations’ Kerry Patterson and Joseph Grenny. I’ve reframed long car journeys into educational experiences – I call it the ‘University of the Chevrolet’ to make the best use of my time – something I coach my clients on!

So, this all makes sense to me but what does your glovebox say about you?

If you have children maybe you have children’s toys, a pacifier, or wipes to help you on those long car journeys. If you are a man about town -what about a comb, beard wax or hair gel especially if hopping from work to a date! Maybe an assortment of sweets and snacks if you are an avid nibbler or grazer. Or if you are personal trainer maybe some protein bars to keep your energy levels high!!

I would say gadget chargers are must these days for your mobile device nothing worse than losing power just when you need to listen an important voice message especially for business people who have to travel a lot and dash to the train station or airport.

So, here’s an exercise for you:

  • Look at your glovebox – what’s in there?
  • What do you think that says about you?
  • What do you think can stay in your glovebox – and what can go  – what can you let go of?

Sometimes a little decluttering goes a long way to manage our stress levels, prioritise, spring clean, and feeling a little calmer.

GoCompare ran a fantastic campaign around gloveboxes recently, so I couldn’t help but get involved!

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!